PVPZone Tournament
First Round: Saturday, April 26th
@ 12:00 PM MST

Note: If you did not sign up for a team but would like to participate please show up on the day of the tournament. You will have an opportunity to act as a substitute for absent players. If there are enough a new team will be formed with players that show up that day.

Good Luck!

Now Released!

Romero Grove is a new Mob Arena where survival is key. A special Supply Bat will bring players Supply Crates filled with new spells, guns, and ammo to help! Find the crates to survive longer (Look for green fire works going upward to find them). The more zombies you kill the more diamonds you earn.

Teamwork is key in Romero Grove. The only way to heal and gain food is to bandage your team mates!

Good luck!
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